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The principal focus of Skylark Tours is to obtain an intimate local knowledge of the country you are visiting with us, and share it with you. Whether you like culture, arts and crafts, history or scenery, Skylark Tours can take you to places you might never find on your own.

Skylark Tours offers a selection of Norfolk Island Tours to their growing repertoire of personalised group tours.

Skylark Tours is always adding new international destinations to its stable and is open to ideas from clients who may have a destination in mind for a group tour or conference.

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The friendly faces of Skylark Tours: Graham and Wendy Hawkes

Husband and wife team Graham and Wendy Hawkes are the heart and soul of Skylark Tours, and love to share the sights, activities and special places they know. Both keen travellers, they have created a new series of escorted group tours to beautiful Norfolk Island, after they fell in love with this stunning, unspoilt subtropical destination.

“All our tours are fully tailored to suit the needs of our customers,” says Graham. “We can build a tour around anything from top golf courses to the best subtropical gardens or historical places, wine trails and cuisine tours. Whatever you love, we’re happy to take you there and share our local knowledge and travel experience with you.”


Graham Hawkes

Graham also joins in on the singing and is a keen golfer, having played golf for most of his adult life. Skylark Tours provides a range of organised tours for golf and Graham will happily caddy or play along to make up the numbers.

Graham’s other passion is food, so don’t be surprised to find him sparking up the barbecue one evening and entertaining guests with his culinary prowess using some locally sourced produce and other tasty morsels.

Wendy Hawkes

Wendy Hawkes

Wendy is a classically trained singer with a background in the stage and theatre. “I’ve been involved in the theatre since the age of five, and over the years have participated in all aspects of stage shows – dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and backstage – and still enjoy performing professional gigs at clubs and private events.”

Music is a big part of the tour experience with Skylark Tours, and the occasional spontaneous sing-along is all part of the fun.

SkylarkSings: Wendy and Graham the entertainers

Wendy and Graham have had a life-­long love of music and promote their combined talents as the professional singing duo, SkylarkSings.


SkylarkSings offers a wide range of genres tailored to any occasion, from easy listening, light jazz and swing to musical theatre and stage. Using high-­class backing tracks, this talented couple will sometimes bring the sound of an entire orchestra into a venue.

Wendy has performed in Musical Theatre since high school days and has taken prominent roles with various amateur and semi-­professional theatrical companies throughout the North Island. These days Wendy is enjoying the light-­hearted performances of SkylarkSings with Graham. Graham is a long-­time ’in the shower’ singer who, under Wendy’s direction, has developed his voice to a point where he complements her with his own style of singing and natural humour. Together they are SkylarkSings and could be entertaining you next time you are at a function or club.

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